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Council Responsibilities
Council Makeup
The City Council is the legislative body that consists of the mayor, deputy mayor, and three councilmembers. The City Council serves part-time for a small salary.

Council Powers
The City Council’s powers consist of:
  • Adopting all ordinances
  • Authorizing bond issues
  • Establishing municipal policy
  • Levying taxes
  • Making appropriations
  • Providing for the internal structure of the local government
  • Reviewing, revising, and adopting the budget

The council has the authority to initiate hearings for the purpose of gathering information for ordinance making and airing public problems and to supervise the spending of appropriations.

Vox Pop
The vox pop item at regular meetings of the City Council is an opportunity for citizens in the audience to address the City Council on matters that are not specifically listed on the agenda for that meeting. A person who wishes to speak to the City Council will be limited to a maximum of three minutes. Speakers must identify themselves prior to speaking by stating their name and address for the record.